Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Reboot special; Two Pair; part five

Supper came early. Lindsay was a bit upset as she checked her food stores. She pulled out a cream tart and told him, "This is all I have left."
Travis pulled an extra loaf of bread from his stores, broke it in half and gave half to her. "Here. Eat as much of it as you please." He said.
Lindsay gave him another favorable look. She kissed him on the cheek, knowing how  much he liked his bread.
His eyes traveled with hers. Something caught it behind her. Without much thought he grabbed his bow and notched an arrow to it. Though not in the mood for fighting Lindsay drew her blade and turned around. Just like that she was ready, a warrior born.
"Who are you and what do you want?" Travis yelled.
It was a pair of trolls. Neither of them stopped entirely but slowed down their pace. Both were grinning wickedly.
Travis didn't let either of them get close enough. He let fire an arrow and his bow spoke truth; it took him in the shoulder and pierced him there. Trolls might be dangerous but good arrows were well enough.
Lindsay did a flick of her wrist with her blade and charged the other troll with tenacity. They neither expected a great fight nor thought they were facing warriors born. One male and one female – two pair!
It was the final thought that went through his mind. Lindsay had gotten to him, and though his skill with a blade was accomplished he didn't stand a chance. Right about the time she arrived another arrow flew into the stomach of his friend. Lindsay battled him back far enough that she slashed the life from him. It wasn't long before he was joined in death.
"Are you all right?" Travis asked.
Like the reaper of death Lindsay cleaned off her blade. "Yeah." She said.

Night was beginning to fall. Clyde and Sonya came from afar. They were silent as they made their approach.
They came upon a sleeping Lindsay and Travis. Lindsay had her head resting on Travis'es stomach. "Clyde look." Sonya said.
Clyde had to smile. They finally got over their difficulties, or so it would seem.
"Come on Sonya, let's head to bed."

Reboot; Infinite Discovery part 27

Chris closed the door to their home. "Told you there was more than one way to skin a cat."

Molly turned around to him. "How did you know they were wanted men?"

"Hired thugs usually are." He said.

The phone rang. Molly picked it up and soon after handed it to Chris. "It's for you." She said.

Reboot; Vince Vaan part 27

"So... she's your cousin?"

The red head jumped down and hugged Vince. "Yes. Meet Barbara Vaan. This is Sarganno."

"How do." She said curtly holding out her hand.

"So you still roam these parts?" Vince turned to her.

"Yes, me and the boys. What are you doing out here?"

"Ask uncle Matt." Was all Vince had to say. Barbara nodded a few times, her mouth puckering to one side.

"Just like him not to ask for our help." She said.

"Probably couldn't pay you." Vince said grinning. "Come on in, dinner's ready."

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Reboot special; Two Pair; part four

That night Sonya was filled in on what had transpired between them and the ogre. Their rescuee the young girl known as Tanya decided to spend a night with them.
Around a campfire Travis sang to them until the sun set entirely. Clyde paid attention to whom Travis paid attention to. He gave equal amounts to either girl but went to Tanya first. Lindsay gave him more of a cold reception while he sang. Clyde looked to Sonya. It appeared that she was taking in the singing and nothing else.
Tanya went to sleep early. Travis excused himself not long after. He came back with flowers. "For you Lindsay." He said.
She took them and slowly smiled. "They smell good." She said, now smiling slightly. Clyde hoped he wouldn't try anything else that would make him look like a womanizer.
"Clyde... remember the last time you bought me flowers?" She asked. The tone of her voice belayed what she was thinking.
Clyde smiled down at her. Had Travis and Lindsay not been listening he would have told her it's a shame they weren't alone.
Clyde and Sonya were next to fall asleep. Lindsay took to reading her book. Travis yawned aloud. He was tired but didn't want to sleep yet. Lindsay put a bookmarker in her book and looked to him.
"They're such a great couple aren't they? It's easy to tell they love each other."
Travis had to agree, but first he took some time to enjoy the thought. "I want to be like that some day." He said.
Lindsay looked to him. Travis didn't give any indication that he realized that. After a moment he turned his attention to Lindsay. "... Just saying." He said, shrugging.
Lindsay's face formed into a wide smile. She got up, came over and kissed him. "Good night." She said in a low tone.
She lay down to sleep but Travis was to excited to sleep. He sang silently to himself having nothing better to do. Finally he lay down to sleep and did.
In the morning Clyde had to wake up Travis. "Hey. It's time." Was all he said.
Travis rubbed sleep from his eyes. "I must have really slept in if your waking me up."
Clyde didn't bother to mention he slept well. "We may have to start hunting soon. Our food is running low."
Like any young man Travis was quick to get up. Without saying a word he noticed that Tanya had departed. It would be some hours later that Travis began to realize that Clyde and Sonya were falling farther and farther behind. Travis was quick to figure it out. He said nothing to Lindsay.
In the hours that followed Lindsay actually chanced a glance back. They had reached a fork in the road and she turned to find that Clyde and Sonya were gone. She looked to Travis a bit confused. "Why don't we stay here and take a break. I'm sure they'll be along shortly." Travis said.
This did nothing to bely her confusion. It never occurred to her what was going on. Her confused look fell on Travis. He, in turn, gave his summation, "I think they want to be alone." She got the idea with a silent "Oh."

Reboot; Infinite Discovery part 26

With the lights off Chris drove around Molly's house. Sure enough, there was the car that had followed them for blocks. Molly let out a worried groan.

"What do we do now?" She asked.

"There's more than one way to skin a cat." Chris said. he got out his cellphone and started to dial. In a moment Molly was all smiles.

Reboot; Vince Vaan part 26

"What the hell?" Sarganno muttered.

Vince put up his blade. He recognized those horns. "Relax." Was all he said.

Men on horseback road up, some of which he could clearly see from his window. A womans voice boomed loud through the air.

"Residents of the house come out now before we take the place by force!"

"What do we do?" Sarganno looked befuddled. "There are even more of them."

"Oblage her." Vince said smiling. I wondered when I'd see you again...

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Reboot special; Two pair part three

Travis ran flat out. His sharp eyes took in the scene at a glance; an ogre was baring down on a young maid. He had his club up and ready to come down on her once he came close enough. Travis slid to a halt while drawing an arrow. His arrow proved true; it entered the ogre's right arm and he dropped his club.
Lindsay wasn't far behind. She drew her saber in preparation. She passed Travis as he got another shot off. This one entered his chest but didn't go to deep. By now the stupid giant realized where he was and took off through the underbrush at a slow run to him.
As he emerged Lindsay was all over him, slashing away at his legs. Travis abandoned his position in favor of a closer one.
Lindsay was fearless in the face of combat. The ogre flailed his arms about trying to punch or slap her away from him. Lindsay wasn't agile but had incredible finess with a blade. Finally a blow landed and swept Lindsay off her feet.
Travis had been taking careful aim. He came to a stop not feet from their opponent. "Good night sucker!" He shouted. An arrow flew true, from his bow to the ogre's head. The ogre staggered a bit but eventually fell over, dead as a doornail.
By the time all was said and done Clyde had arrived. Travis rushed over to Lindsay. "I'm all right." She said, leaning on her now bloody saber to get up.
A girl wearing a pink dress came out from the underbrush. She brushed some twigs off of her. "Thank you for saving me." She said and bowed.
Travis hadn't seen such a girly girl in some time. He came up kind of shy. "It's ok, it's what we do. I'm Travis." Lindsay shrugged off her depression at how Travis acted.
Introductions were made and then Clyde asked her if she was traveling alone. "Yes. I came from the forest Rivun to collect Hika fruit. I have a full wagon but..."
"What's wrong?" Travis asked.
"I was taking a break when the ogre came. My horses ran off at the sight of him taking my wagon with them." She told him.
Clyde stepped forward. "Sometimes things just happen. We're glad to see you're all right though, and that is most important."
"Yes, that is true." Lindsay said.
"Thank you all." She said again.